How To Organize A Small Bedroom For A Child

“Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the sidewalk before it stops snowing.”

Small rooms, as a rule, are just as difficult to organize as large ones. It is necessary to apply the same approach of sorting and storing things in a small room as in a big one. The difference is that you have fewer options for storage space and you need to find solutions for each item of furniture and use it optimally. When you organize a small bedroom for a child, you should take into account his/her age.

Below are a few small kids’ bedroom ideas on how to organize a bedroom for a child:

-Get Rid of Junk

The first thing to do is get rid of all the unnecessary things in the room. Put them in boxes and donate them, it should include old toys, clothes, etc. It is better to sort through things once or twice a year and decide what needs to be kept in the bedroom and what should be removed. The room must have everything your child uses frequently.

-Organize Closet

The clothes are usually the main problem when organizing a small bedroom for a child. If there is not enough space to keep all of them, you can use every available inch of vertical space and store things on shelves or hang them from hangers on special racks and bookshelves. You can buy such storage systems at any home improvement or department store.

-Arrange Furniture

It is recommended to get rid of furniture with excessively large dimensions such as armchairs, couches, etc. and do not use them in a child’s room.

Instead of large beds and armchairs, buy bunk beds for your children who share a room. It is a single thing of furniture with two narrow beds, one above the other. Also, it can be decorated with stairs or ladders to make it fun for children.

I recommended placing a bedside table on side of a bunk bed and this will create a cozy sleeping corner in a small room. Night light and books can be placed on these tables. If you prefer separate beds for your children, put them next to each other and place a nightstand between them with a lamp (if there is not enough space for two).

-Do Not Forget About Desk

If a child has to do homework, it is good to place a small desk in the bedroom. It will save you time and effort if a child does his homework on it instead of on the kitchen table where everyone eats, etc. Also, every piece of furniture must have enough storage space for school bags and stationery.

-Organise Toys

Children usually have a lot of toys and it is necessary to store them properly in order not to be scattered across the room. It is better to place them on shelves or get special toy boxes without lids so that he could spend more time playing than searching for his favourite toy.

You can paint the boxes in bright colours to make them more attractive for children. It is also recommended to place labels on them where you could write down names of toys or draw faces of children that own these toy boxes.

-Organise Art Projects

If your child does not have enough space to store art projects, you can buy a large photo frame and put the art project in it. Then, you can hang the frame above your child’s desk or bed as a keepsake.

In order to save space, buy a special rack for storing art supplies that can be placed on top of a desk or inside of a closet. You should sort art supplies by type and put them in plastic boxes to easily find what you are looking for.


It is important that your child feels comfortable in the bedroom because he spends a lot of time there. Arrange everything according to his age, interests, etc. There are many ideas about room organisation on the internet that can be helpful when organising a small bedroom. Remember to buy furniture with adjustable legs so that you could adjust them if necessary. Arranging a bedroom for children can be both fun and challenging, but in the end, every child will feel comfortable in it. For more tips, ideas and home innovations visit my website:



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